Why Study in Volgograd ?

Volgograd is one of the Best place for a Student to study and complete higher Education. This city is known as the "Hero City". The city is located on the western bank of the world famous Volga River, which is the longest river in Europe and also famous for the tallest statue in Europe, as well as the tallest statue of a woman in the world named “ Mamayev Kurgan” “The Motherland Calls”. Volgograd is the fifteenth-largest city in Russia, the second-largest city on the Southern Federal District, and the fourth-largest city on the Volga.

Today Volgograd was one of the host cities of the 2018 FIFA World Cup! Volgograd has largest sport complexes and stadiums in Russia. The Volgograd Arena is a popular football stadium in Volgograd. The stadium was one of the venues for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It also hosts FC Rotor Volgograd. It has a capacity of 45,568 spectators.

Volgograd is a large educational center, which allows the students who would like to study there to realize their creative potential. Scientific libraries and laboratories, state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified professors will allow you to be a part of scientific and educational life.

Also, it has tourist attraction due to its unique historical monuments, nature and architectural places of interest, self-propelled floating church and small Buddhist Temple. Buddhist center in Volgograd was established in 1992 and operates under the spiritual guidance of Lama Ole Nydahl. The head of the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism is His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje. The center is part of the Centralized Religious Organization - the Russian Association of Diamond Way Buddhists of the Karma Kagyu Tradition. Centers, groups and communities of practitioners exist in the settlements of Russia and operate on a voluntary basis. Maintaining friendly ties with other Buddhist organizations, the Association participates in joint religious events, in commemorations, celebrations dedicated to religious and national holidays.

Volgograd is a city of contrasts where the past meets the present. It is the region known for its history, cultural diversity as well as for its endless generosity and hospitality. This legendary city has the Best environment for students and also a place to discover, travel and enjoy the natural beauty of Europe.    

Volgograd State Technical University
Established in 1930 

Volgograd State Technical Positions of the world ranking
Established in 1930 

Volgograd State Technical University (VSTU) is the key educational scientific center in the South of Russia, it is numbered among the leading Russian technical universities. Volgograd State Technical University has advanced material and technical facilities, which allow it to realize student training and scientific research to a high standard. The University Technology Park manufactures high-technology products for aviation, nuclear, metallurgical, chemical and many other industry branches.


Automobile Engineering
English Medium Bachelor Degree BE 

“Operation of Transport and Technological Machines & Complex” 4 Years English Medium Education System under Ministry of Science & Higher Education of the Russian Federation

Graduates of the Bachelor Program "Operation of Transport and Technological Machines and Complex" have knowledge of:

- device of vehicle equipment, mechanisms and parts;

- carrying out maintenance, remedial and reconditioning work of vehicles, equipment and road transport;

- carrying out the operation of vehicles, including alternative fuels;

- diagnose electronic car systems;

- the use of information technologies in the field of operation and maintenance of vehicles and  equipment;

- design and development of new technological equipment for repair and maintenance of road transport;

- implementation of technical control over road transport during operation;

- control over the quality of lubricants and fuel materials.


Graduates of the Program "Operation of Transport and Technological Machines and Complexes" are employed in the organization engaged in the repair and service of vehicles: various car services and repair shops, dealer centers, etc. Also, they are also in demand in enterprises where there is an own fleet of technology (plants, road users - Creature and agricultural organizations, transport services, etc.).

Automobile Engineering English Medium Education in Russia

Total One Year University Fees Only 2950 USD 6 Lakhs Rupees) Per Year

Including Books, Exams, Theory, Lectures, Particle Fully Furnished Hostel Room & Medical Inshurance

“Graduates of our University who studied within this program successfully work at the biggest enterprises & organizations in Russia and abroad, hold administration positions of organizations engaged in the Maintenance & repair service of Automobile” 

All Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree Programs - VSTU

  • Architecture

  • Architectural medium design

  • Civil engineering

  • Information systems and technologies

  • Informatics and computer engineering

  • Applied Informatics

  • Software Engineering

  • Instrument Engineering

  • Heat and power engineering and heat engineering

  • Power machinery engineering

  • Machine engineering

  • Technological machines and equipment

  • Automation of technological processes and production

  • Design and technological support of machine production

  • Chemical technology

  • Power and resource saving processes in chemical

      technology, petrochemistry and biotechnology

  • Food products of animal origin

  • Technosphere safety

  • Metallurgy

  • Technology of transport processes

  • Operation of transport and technology machines and


             Polymer Physical Chemistry


  • Electronics and Computer Science Faculty

  • CAD/CAE Systems

  • CAM Systems Software

  • Computer Science

  • Computers and Computer Systems

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Experimental Physics

  • Higher Mathematics

  • Physics

  • Faculty of automated, vehicle and weapon systems

  • Automatic Units

  • Automation of Manufacturing Processes

  • Descriptive Geometry and Computer Graphics

  • Machine Parts and Pick-and-Place Devices

  • Mechanical Engineering Technology

  • Theoretical Mechanics

  • Vehicles and Engines

  • Food Engineering Faculty

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Food Engineering

  • Food Engineering Equipment

  • Industrial Ecology and Safety

  • Physical Training

  • Structural Materials Technology Faculty

  • Casting Machines and Technology

  • Materials Science and Composite Materials

  • Materials Technology

  • Welding Equipment and Technology


  • Construction of unique buildings and structures

  • Fire safety

  • Overland transport and technological equipment

  • Monumental and decorative art

The Quality Policy of Volgograd State Technical University

For realization of the development strategy of Volgograd State Technical University, its administration has specified the following fundamentals of the Quality Policy:

  1. Supporting of the compliance of educational activities with:

    • State (national) and international educational and quality standards;

    • Increasing society demand in qualified specialists and research workers and educators of high qualification;

    • Trainees' demands in mental, cultural, intellectual, and moral development.

  2. Establishment of stable mutually beneficial contacts with all parties interested in educational activities, learning and foreseeing their demands, and realizing these demands within educational process;

  3. Leadership and personal responsibility of administrative workers on all levels, providing for understanding by every worker his/her tasks, functions, powers, and responsibilities;

  4. Active involvement of lecturers, employees, and trainees in the activities aimed at education quality improvement by means of continuous competence upgrade, motivation rising, support of creative initiative, development of corporate culture;

  5. Development of scientific schools, support of investigations and creative activities of research workers, educators, and trainees;

  6. Integration of educational process with scientific researches and works, strengthening of creative connections with scientific institutions, enterprises, and other organizations;

  7. Conducting of regular self-certification and learning the experience of leading educational institution, as the tools of the university activities perfection;

  8. Widening of educational services, providing for their accessibility, utilizing new ones, in that number, information educational technologies;

  9. Perfection of educational process for the purpose of construction of socially active and creative personality of a trainee possessing high professional responsibility, inner-directedness, civil consciousness, high moral principles;

  10. Informatization of the University, providing for quality improvement of all kind of activities;

  11. Regular improvement of educational and methodical support, as well as logistical support of the educational process, working and learning conditions of personnel and trainees;

  12. Social support of the personnel and the trainees, their health and safety protection.

The Quality Policy is being permanently analyzed and used by the top executive management as means for providing for the quality guarantee of educational activities. The Policy was approved at the meeting of the Scientific Council on 25th of October, 2006.