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Established Since 2004 & 17 Years Experienced  & Highly Reputed in Education & Migration Consultancy. ​

Partners with over 35 Major Government Universities  & Experienced  with more than 850 Departed  Students for Higher Education  from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal & Maldives.  


We are Partners with International Standard European Government 

Universities which are Reputed and Long Term Established!

​We are Recognized & Recommended by Foreign Embassies & Ministries of Education as Trustworthy Partners.

University Admission  

We Support & Advice you to find the Best Highly Recognized and Reputed State  Government University which  will be most  suitable for your requirement & necessity

Once we accept your documents, we  undertake  the Entire Admission process and also Free University transfers  during the study period. 

Visa and Migration 

Don't worry! It's 100% Guaranteed once we accept your documents after checking visa and admission possibilities.  We are Experienced & Confident of our work.

One you apply through us, you can pack your luggage for Departure...   

Visa and Migration 

Don't worry! It's 100% Guaranteed once we accept your documents after checking visa and admission possibilities.  We are Experienced & Confident of our work.

One you apply through us, you can pack your luggage for Departure...   

Why "Chance to Success" & RCHE ? 

Best Educational Consults which have the ability to support you to make your career dreams come true... 

We are authorized by State Government Universities under licence of Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and State Government Universities under licence of Ministry of Education Republic of Belarus and Recognized and recommended by Embassies. "Chance to Success" is a prestigious university admissions expert and representative of most popular government universities in the Russia & Belarus. We are specialize in designing programs "Study abroad combined with career orientation", helping students after graduation, 100% have the opportunity to work in an international environment. Join our vocational study abroad programs today, you will get many benefits:

Study - Work - Live - Settle - with 100% Visa guaranteed for our selected students. We will support you, so you can easily fulfill your dream of studying abroad and upgrade your self to international standards. 

“Chance to Success” & RCHE was established on 2004 named as “Russia Center of Higher Education”, based on representing Government Education Establishment of Higher Education Universities of Russian Federation. After large number of successful students departures and enhancement of our experience, we were named and called as “Chance to Success” by our students. That's how “Chance To Success” became a service trade mark. “Chance To Success” & RCHE is recognized and registered in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India since 2007 and  Sri Lanka since 2004. 

"Chance to Success" is now part of DACO GHAAD GROUP (PVT) LTD mother company. We are now more recognized and prove more additional efficient services to make you more comfortable & confident in a foreign country. 

Chance to Success & RCHE became popular very fast with the students for giving High quality dependable service until completion of studies with proper consultation. Our services make people confidence and won the people's trusted hearts.

Some of Our Students and Memories !!! 

Since 2005 many European partner Universities have joined with "Chance to Success & RCHE" from different countries and that strengthened “Chance To Success” & RCHE to step forward to provide the services to students for many demanded destinations. We were representing 7 European Countries including Russia, Romania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Italy, Moldova and more than 90 Government and Nongovernmental Universities.​

After 17 Years of Experience as Education and Migration consultants, We’ve analyzed students' success rates, benefits given by foreign nations & Universities, Affordability for Asian students, International Recognition for the Degree qualification, Quality of Education, Safety for our students. Then we have realized that Russia is the most suitable place for our Asian students. We are extremely happy to say that most of our students become very successful in Russia and they have recommended for many other students.​

Every year lots of Indians, Sri Lankan, Nepalis and Maldives students and even European students applying for admission and moving to Russia through our company and enjoying all the benefits and services. We understand that due to myth, misinformation and propaganda some students are much more interested to go to countries which provide education for very high cost and spend massive amounts of hard earn money of parents, make lots of sacrifices, also spend hard life paying student loans. high taxes and fees. They’re not aware that many Students from 170 countries, including Western countries, Canadian, Australian, American, All over Europe, All over Middle East and All over Asia are yearly coming and enjoying all the Benefits and living a comfortable and a quality life in Russia with Dignity.

Of course, Russian University degrees are Internationally recognized in each and every country and it allows many students to migrate after graduation under "skill Migration" regulations if required. The Samrat way is that, Instead of applying expensive universities for Learning, students can apply for Jobs in Highest Salary paid countries after graduation from an internationally recognized government University with affordable Learning cost. Now Students who graduate in Russia also have the opportunity to apply for full time jobs in Russia after graduation and also apply for PR.    ​

Our Aim is to consult students with the proper information and show the right path to students to achieve their life goals and also make their parents' relief from uncertainty, high cost and worry of Safety.​

In order to help our student’s to shape their dreams, “Chance to Success” have built up a strong relationship with Government universities in Russia, where students can invest time and money for education without a doubt. The reasons why “Chance to Success” only represent government universities are because, Russian universities are not depending or maintaining on foreign students' university fees. Those Universities are funded by the Government of Russian Federation and Organized quality and standard controlled by Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, therefore fees are much more affordable and lower than most of the Asian, Canadian, Australian Universities. Since the government universities do not depend on foreign student’s finances, what you invest is purely for your education only. Furthermore, these government universities have unlimited facilities and learning resources comparatively to private institutes. Also, students will get all the Government hospital facilities, Sports facilities and Government recognition. Most significantly the world recognition for these universities are really high and always remain among the top ranking universities.​

"Chance to Success” has been having a strong relationship with Russia, as we are the authorized agent and recommended by Russian and Belarus Embassies. Further, Russian universities also have longstanding connections with Mr. Danushka Cooray, the Chairman of “Chance to Success” who had been graduated and stayed in Russia for 7 Years. As he knows the standard of education system in the Russian Federation as well as standard of living with changing seasons, that you would never ever experience in Sri Lanka. That is what our Chairman is impressed and wants to offer such valuable opportunity for Sri Lankan students.

“Chance to Success” company maintains their company reputation in foreign destinations by representing Universities and supporting Students. Therefore most of the foreign Diplomatic Missions, Embassies and Universities recognize “Chance to Success” as a trustworthy partner. The students will receive Guaranteed Admission and Visas before they leave Sri Lanka through the company. Our services make people confident and warn the people's trusted hearts.

It’s time to add some excitement to your life and journey to a place where things are different. Congratulations!!! You have taken the right way. This will boost your life to achieve your target.​

 “Chance to Success” is The Safest and Trusted Way To Study Abroad.. 



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